📓 The Document Editor

The Frase Document Editor is the workhorse of Frase; it's where you'll spend most of your time when you're using our platform.

A Frase Document can be used for many workflows and to accomplish many objectives:

  • Content Briefing & Researching 
    • Generating automatic content briefs 
    • Curating custom content briefs
    • Generating automatic outlines
    • Using outline/brief templates
  • Content Creation
    • Use the AI Writer to generate content instantly
  • Content Optimization
    • Optimize content that's already published 
    • Optimize content still in draft form 
    • Optimize while you write

What You'll Learn in This Lesson

  • How Frase Documents work (and the technology behind them)
  • Ways to share Frase Documents with external/internal writers or freelancers
  • The basic process of adding Frase's AI-generated research to your Documents

Updated 21 Dec 2021
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