Creating Custom AI Templates

Have a niche content workflow you need to generate content for? Custom AI Templates are for you.

With Custom AI Templates you can customize the output of the AI writer.

So for example, if you always include five question/answer pairings in an FAQ section, you could design a custom AI Template to ensure that the AI Writer creates an output that matches that exact criteria. 

Using Correct Syntax

Using correct syntax when building custom templates is critical. There are two places where it's particularly important.

1) Sample Text

Adding sample text provides important context that the AI Writer uses to generate content in your desired format. Each "sample" must be separated by three "#"s as follows:

Sample Text 1


Sample Text 2


Sample Text 3

2) Template Formula

Your template formula is how you teach the AI Writer to generate content in a specific format. For example, if you were trying to generate a "Simple Answer" template, you sample text may be:

Question: What is Cryptocurrency? 

Answer: Cryptocurrency is a digital currency.

If this were the case then your "prompt" would need to be definied as the text that comes after the word "Question." As a result your template formula would look like this:

Question: %prompt%


Note the use of %prompt% which is the critical bit of syntax you'll need to curate a working template formula.