Document Statuses

Frase has some helpful document management tools built in that help teams with lots of documents stay organized.

Setting Document Statuses

Document statuses and target dates are an excellent way to track progress and set expectations around the progression of individual documents. 

There are five default document statuses: Researching, Writing, Optimizing, Completed, and Published. 

These statuses become particularly valuable when you're creating multiple documents per month with Frase, because labeling your documents with a status allows you to scan the documents in your team's account quickly gain an understanding of the stage of each document in your content workflow.

To set the status, simply click on the status indicator on each document:

Document image

Setting Document Due Dates

Similarly, the target date feature is an excellent tool for managing your content pipeline. Set the target date for the day you plan to have a document completed. 

To set the date, simply click on the "Target Date" setting on each document:

Document image