Exporting Documents

You can export your Frase Document in the form of a shareable link, which makes it easy to share your documents with freelancers or colleagues.

Document Export Options

  1. Read Only. This is basically like a shareable PDF; the recipient won't be able to alter it. Great for freelancers.
  2. Fully Editable Documents. Gives the recipient full power over the document (as well as access to Frase research and features). Great for colleagues or in-house writers.

Document Sharing Use Cases

There are tons of different reasons for wanting to share document links. Sharing document links is ideal for teams that:

  1. Work with freelancers
  2. Want to share briefs with in-house writers
  3. Want to send drafts to SEO's for optimization
  4. Want to share drafts with in-house editors
  5. Agencies that want to send work to clients

Action Items

  1. Share a read-only link with a friend or colleague
  2. Share an editable link with a friend or colleague and have them make changes to it