Generating an Automatic Brief

Frase uses AI to generate new content briefs in under 6 seconds.

This feature is ideal for teams that are regularly creating a high volumes of briefs, as well as teams that haven't yet implemented content briefs into their content workflow.

Where's the Content in your Automatic Brief is Coming From?

Frase is analyzing the top 20 results of your target search query and using its AI magic to pull out the most relevant topics, headers, questions, etc.

Sections Included in your Automatic Brief

  1. Overview: Provides an overview of the sources used to generate the content brief, including average word count, header, links, images and more.
  2. People Also Ask: Related questions from Google (based on your query) pulled from Frase's research toolbar.
  3. SERP: Summarizes the top 20 results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 
  4. Topics: List of most important topics mentioned across sources.
  5. Topic Clusters: List of overarching topics and their subtopics (from Frase's Topic Score tab).
  6. Headers: Relevant headers from your competitors' content. Helpful for getting ideas on how to structure your H2/H3.
  7. Questions: Questions being asked on the internet that are related to your document.
  8. Statistics: Sentences mentioning statistics and factual information across sources.
  9. Hyperlinks: Frequent domains and their top links, mentioned across sources.

Action Items

  1. Generate an Automatic Brief for example search query "How does inbound marketing help generate leads?"
  2. Edit your brief–try removing the "SERP" section entirely.