How the AI Writing Assistant Works The Outline

The underlying AI model that powers Frase was trained by reading a large portion of everything published on the internet. Frase has learned over a million different ways to express ideas on the web, and uses this information to create content that is unique and interesting.

And yes, the above paragraph was generated, automatically, by Frase's AI Writer ;)

Setting Expectations

Frase's AI Writer normally generates exceptionally high quality content, but, like any AI writing Assistant, it can sometimes go a bit haywire. Don't worry, this is normal and largely avoidable.

Getting high quality AI outputs is largely dependant upon providing the AI Writer with quality context around what you want it to write about. We'll cover this process in depth in the following lessons.

It's important to keep in mind the Frase's AI Writer isn't going to magically spit out ready-to-publish articles for you instantly. Think of it instead as a writing assistant that will help you come up with ideas, put pen to paper, and get past writer's block.

With a little patience and a bit of practice, the AI Writer will be an invaluable tool that helps you craft quality content, faster.

Frase VS GPT-3

Virtually every other AI Writing on the market tool uses a language model called GPT-3.

Frase doesn't.

We use a different model, which provides a few major advantages:

1)There are no topic filters, which means you can write about whatever you want. For example, GPT-3 won't let you write about adult-themed content.

2)There are no length restrictions, so we can generate content as long as we want it to be.

3) More flexibility to create custom templates and customize the output of the AI writer

4) It's cheaper. And we pass those cost savings on to you.