Identifying Content Opportunities

Frase uses your Google Search Console data to provide automated recommendations for content creation and optimization opportunities. Gone are the days of guessing and checking, Frase will use data to help you decide what to work on next.

Frase's Content Statuses

Frase automatically analyzes the pages, queries, and questions that your domain is ranking for and assigns it one of the below statuses:

  • Top Result: Position is 1-10 and has not recently experienced ranking loss
  • Quick Win: Achieved 1-10 position within 3 months from publishing
  • Ranked: Generating clicks, but no leading avg. position
  • Decay: Lost more than 2 positions and clicks decreased
  • Opportunity: Position is 10-50, but impressions are growing fast
  • Unranked: No clicks generated, and weak position

Creating a Priority List

When looking at content opportunities, how do you identify the lowest hanging fruit? Frase gives you impression, position, total clicks, click-through-rate, and click growth data to help your decision making process.

For example, filtering by impressions is a good way to ensure you're focused on optimizing the article that's getting the most eyeballs and can have the biggest impact on your business.

Action Items

  1. Identify all the pages in your domain that are decaying in the rankings. Order them from most impressions to least.
  2. Identify all of your high-opportunity queries. Order them from least clicks to most.