Improving your Topic Score

The Frase Topic Score is a key component of Frase's Content Optimization workflow. This article explains how Frase recommends topics, and scores your content against competitors. 

How Does the Topic Scoring Algorithm Work?

Once we have the list of topics for your search query, Frase scores all pages with an algorithm that measures topic coverage .

The result is an Average Score and User Score generated from the mentions of Top Topics and Long Tail Topics.

How to Increase Your Topic Score

Your score will increase in 2 scenarios:

  • In progress (orange): mention the topic at least once, but below the suggested frequency
  • Completed (green): mention the topic at the suggested frequency

Keyword Density Penalty

High density occurs when a topic represents over 2% of your content. This usually means your content is too short, and you will need to increase your word count. 

Your Topic Score will decrease for every topic with high density.