Plagiarism Considerations

With proper use and application, you can be confident that your content will be high-quality, factually accurate, and plagiarism-free.

If you take anything away from this lesson, let it be this:

Frase's AI Writer should be treated as a writing assistant rather than a fully autonomous creator of ready-to-publish content.


Because, as is the case with all AI Writing Assistants on the market, this technology is brand new, extraordinarily complex, and not 100% understood. As a result, you'll occasionally see AI Writing Assistants (including Frase's) generate repeated, nonsensical, factually incorrect–and albeit rarely–plagiarized content.

As a result, we recommend using the copy that the AI Writer generates as a springboard from which you should craft quality, accurate, and unique content. There are a few ways that you can easily update AI-generated copy to ensure it meets this standard:

  • Add your company's unique tone of voice to the copy
  • Provide your unique perspective on the subject about which the AI Writer has written
  • Add quotes, links, or other reference points
  • Fact-check any statistics, names, or dates the AI Writer includes in its copy
  • Expand upon an idea or topic that the AI Writer has begun writing about

While plagairism is rare with correct use, many Frase users find it comforting to running copy through a plagiarism checker, like Grammarly's.

Updated 29 Dec 2021
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