The Frase Add-on

The Frase Add-on is an optional paid add-on for $35/mo. With the Add-on enabled, every user on your account gains access to unlimited use of Frase's AI Writer, as well as a myriad of other advanced SEO functionality.

What's included in the Frase Add-on?

  • Unlimited AI Text Generation
    • Unlimited "Write for me" use
    • Unlimited AI Drafts
    • Unlimited AI Templates use
  • Unlimited Sentence Rewriting
    • Rewrite: rewrite your sentence in a selected passage
    • Next: write your next sentence
    • Formal: rewrite with a "formal" tone
  • Advanced SEO Functionality
    • Get Domain Authority data for each search result in the editor
    • Get Backlink data for each search result in the editor
  • Advanced Document Functionality
    • Create documents that rank for up to 5 search queries
    • Create documents filtered by up to 5 domains

Sentence Writing 

Frase allows you re-work specific passages by highlighting the section on your document and utilizing AI writing at the passage-level, sentence-by-sentence. The goal is to let you zoom into the passage and find ways to make it better.

Highlight text in your editor and click "AI Shortcuts", and then click "Rewrite" to pull up the menu below.

Document image

These three tabs listed below are core to the function of the passage writer:

  • Rewrite: rewrite your sentence in a selected passage
  • Next: write your next sentence
  • Formal: rewrite with a different tone

Create Documents for Up to 5 Queries

The SEO Data Add-on allows you to expand the number of search queries used to generate a document. Where previously you were limited to 2 queries, you can now use up to 5. 

This will help ensure you create content capable of ranking for multiple queries.

Document image

Create Documents Filtered by up to 5 Domains

Interested in generating a content brief off of content from specific websites? You can now create documents filtered by up to 5 domains, ensuring the research Frase provides is as relevant as possible. 

Creating content using research from a select number of websites is a great way to design content to specifically compete with specific websites.

Document image

Get Domain Authority Data for Each Search Result in the Editor

In the SERP  section of the research toolbar, Frase now provides data that includes average domain authority and average backlinks for the sources used to generate your content brief. This data will help paint a clearer picture of the content competitive landscape. 

Document image

In addition to showing you averages, Frase also shows domain authority and backlink data for each individual source used to generate your content brief. Notice in the above image, the source shows Domain Authority (abbreviated DA) and Backlinks, and you also see the averages of DA and Backlinks across all the sources (bigger red square in the above image).

In "Optimize" on the right side menu, and then SERP Scores from the drop down menu, you'll be able to see this DA and backlinks with the SERP sources and also can see their respective Topic Scores, in reference to yours.

Document image

Updated 11 Feb 2022
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