The Importance of Patterns

Us humans are intuitively good at recognizing and using patterns in our writing. We can seamlessly integrate paragraphs, statistics, quotes, and lists–continuing them when appropriate and ending them when not.

Robots like Frase's AI Writer...aren't as good at it. But there's an easy solution.

How to Use Patterns to Help the AI Writer

One of the most common reasons why the AI Writer goes off the rails is because it hasn't recieved enough guidance about the format it's supposed to write in.

Most commonly, this happens when you click the "Write for me" button while your Frase document is blank.

When this is the case, the AI Writer will be forced to make a guess about the format you want content generated in. And it usually guesses wrong.

To help it out, you'll need to indicate the format you want it to generate content in.

For example, if I wanted the AI Writer to generate a list of pasta types, I might type the following in the editor:

  1. Rigatoni
  2. Spaghetti 

When I click "Write for Me" it will automatically continue the numbered list for me.

Same logic can be applied to creating a paragraph. In this case, we'd want to hint that we're generating long-form text. So I might type the following:

There is a lot of debate around what the best type of pasta is,

When I hit "Write for me" the AI Writer will automatically consider my sentence.