Using the Rewriting Tool

Our rewriting tool uses AI to rewrite any content you choose. You can use it to change tone of voice, paraphrase SERP research, and more.

Rewriter Options

There are three Rewriter options:

  1. Rewrite. This is the standard setting that will rewrite your content one sentence at a time.
  2. Formal. This setting will perform the same fundamental behavior as above, but rewritten sentences will have a more formal tone of voice–ideal for businesses selling to other businesses.
  3. Next. The Rewriter will suggest your next sentence.

Action Items

Rewrite the following text:

Content optimization is making online content as relevant to both users and search engines like Google as possible. For users, content optimization means consistently providing excellent quality content that perfectly matches their search intent. If searchers ask a question, your article or page should provide the best answer for their query. Technical content optimization makes your content machine-readable, discoverable, and well-structured for search engines.

Updated 21 Dec 2021
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