Using "Write for Me"

The "Write for Me" tool expands upon what you've already written in Frase.

It uses context found on your page to automatically generate SEO content that finishes your thought, expands a paragraph, or continues a pattern.

For obvious reasons, the "Write for me" tool can go haywire if not provided adequate context about what you want it to write about. Learn more about context and patterns.๏ปฟ๏ปฟ


Avoiding Common Pitfalls

When people first use the "Write for Me" tool, they often think it's broken.


Because they'll try it out on a completely blank Frase document without providing any context first. This would be like asking a human to write an article without telling them the subject you want them to write about or the format you want them to write in.

In order to successfully use the tool, you'll want to drop contextual clues so that the AI knows what you want it to write about. The more context you can provide, the better the output is likely to be.

Action Items

  1. Add context in the form of a document title, background context.
  2. Write a couple sentences about your topic inside your document.
  3. Use the "Write for Me" to finish the paragraph.


Updated 21 Dec 2021
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