Who uses Frase?

Frase has over 20,000 customers and is one of the fastest growing and highest rated SEO platforms in the world.

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But all our customers have one thing in common: they want create better SEO content, faster.

They use Frase to streamline and automate three key stages of their content workflow:

  1. Research: SERP analysis, briefs, outlines, etc.
  2. Writing: Getting a draft on paper
  3. Optimization: Optimizing content for SEO

Our customer base is largely made up of the following personas. If you fall into one of these buckets, you're definitely in the right place:

  • SEO Managers
  • Content Managers
  • Writers
  • Agencies
  • Freelancers
  • Small Business Owners

Whatever your role is, we're glad you're here. Our customers love us and we hope you will too.


Updated 21 Dec 2021
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